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School of Graduate and Professional Studies

School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Mission Statement

The mission of 这所学校 of Graduate and Professional Studies at Cameron University is to provide a diverse and dynamic student body the opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills so they can contribute to their professions and enrich their lives.

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to 这所学校 of Graduate and Professional Studies at Cameron University.

We take our commitment to very seriously. When 你 begin a program in 这所学校 of Graduate and Professional Studies, 你 will be welcomed and supported as part of our community of learners. Faculty advisors will work closely with 你 to ensure that 你r courses and future employment opportunities align with 你r goals. We are committed to helping build better, sustainable communities through the development of graduates who make a difference.

The School is comprised of six dynamic departments: Business, Computing and Technology, 教育, Psychology, Social Science, and Sports and Exercise Science.  The School offers a multitude of degrees in each area of study and employs highly qualified faculty and staff in each program.  We look forward to working together to create new possibilities for 你, 这所学校, and others we serve.

The School is dedicated to helping address local, 区域, and state needs by providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that encourage life-long learning and high-quality P-12 education, good mental health, and healthy lifestyles. Our School’s programs also promote economic, technological, and fiscal growth, as well as safe, politically active communities. All of these things are enhanced by an understanding of the sociological and historical factors that impact our communities.

We hope 你 will take time to explore the many exciting programs offered by our School, as well as the innovative ways we prepare students to make an impact in their chosen fields. Please contact our faculty or administrative offices if 你 have questions or would like more information. I also invite 你 to join us for a campus visit to learn more.

The author Lailah Gifty Akita once wrote, “If 你 want to succeed, 你 must work to overcome hurdles in 你r path.”  If 你 encounter barriers as 你 pursue success, we ask 你 stay in touch so we can assist 你 in reaching 你r goals.

Congratulations on making the decision to advance 你r education and 你r career with Cameron’s School of Graduate & Professional Studies!

Jennifer Dennis, Ph.D. Dean, School of Graduate and Professional Studies